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Svchost.exe Application Error – how it looks like and how to fix it

Svchost.exe is a system application that operate the processes, which are executed from Dlls, it is very useful for very important Windows Services. You should never stop this process, because it is responsible for secure and persistent operability of your personal computer. Because of Svchost.exe application error your computer can spot normal work and it makes your system unstable. The appearance of this error message is the sign of presence of these problems on your computer:

svchost application error

“ The instruction at “0x7801cb24” referenced memory at “0x7801cb24”. The memory could not be “written”.
Click on OK to terminate the program
Click on CANCEL to debug the program”

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Svchost.exe application error can appear because of the breakage of the system registry. In order to preclude these problems you should check your registry for incorrect and old information and delete it to optimize the registry and the operational capability of your computer.
Very often this Svchost.exe Application Error crops up after the windows update. Frequently you can get this error, even on the computer Safe Mode start up. In that case you should check the Automatic Updates Service settings of your system.

1. You should right-click Computer, select manage, then select Services and Applications, and then Services.
2. Find Windows updates and left-click it.
3. Find Log on, and make sure that Local System Account is pointed and that Allow service to interact with desktop check box is empty.
4. Select General in the Windows updates, the Startup type should be Automatic, and Service Status – Started.
5. Do the previous actions selecting Background Intelligent Transfer Service instead of Windows updates.

After the checking of the after a while Service settings, you should change the registry settings for Dll that associated with Windows update. Here is the way to find them: press windows+R, type “REGSVR32 ” and register them one by one:

  • - ATL.DLL
  • - WUPS.DLL
  • - WUPS2.DLL

After that you should do the following:

1. Press Windows+R, type there “cmd” and push enter.
2. Type the following in Command Promt: “net stop WuAuServ” and press enter. You should do it to stop Windows Updates Service.
3. Then type “%windir%” in Command Promt and again press enter.
4. Replace the name “ren SoftwareDistribution SoftDistr_Bak” and press enter.
5. In order to restart Windows update, type “net start WuAuServ” and press enter.
6. And in order to close the Command Promt window type “Exit” and press Enter.

But sometimes Svchost.exe application error can appear again after a while, sometimes right after the next automatic Windows updates and even after manual updates.

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Very often Svchost.exe application error can appear because of viruses or other harmful activities. To fight off this error you should update your antivirus regularly and often scan your computer for viruses.

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