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In this article we will learn how to determine the reason of “generic host process for win32 services” error and finding solution for it. These errors have various reasons but most of the time they are quite a serious problem as there is no simple manual method to redeem them and they cause system instability. Generic Host Process is svchost.exe that is used by most standard Windows services to run themselves and you can always find it in Task Manager.

There is a special tool that will help you to fix generic host process error without extra efforts and in semi-automatic mode. It will detect problematic areas and solve found problems. Download it using link below.

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So here is the routine:

generic host process for win32 services error details

If you click on “click here” in the first window of error message it will bring you to detailed error report. Two main thing that you should look at are:

szAppName – name of the process that crashed and showed this error. In case of generic host process error this will be svchost.exe error. But it can be another system process.

szModName – in most cases shows file that belongs to a subsystem or service that caused this error. In this example it shows unknown and I will describe this case after.

Here is another example of error signature:

szModName netapi32.dll

It shows that problematic file is netapi32.dll. After little research you can easily determine that this is Microsoft LAN Manager DLL that contains the Windows NET API used by applications to access a Microsoft network. Solution for this problem can be applying MS hotfixes:


Closing ports using Windows Worms Doors Cleaner:

closing ports with WWDC

Using some powerful malware removal tool like:

Stronghold Antivirus

or Combofix


Now lets return to the case when you can’t locate problematic service as szModName shows “unknown” value in this case you need to click on “click here” link once more and that will bring you to the window where you will see paths to report and dump files. You can Zip this files and attach in the contact form (we will analyze those files and can give possible solution):

Mention that those file do not contain private data.

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If you would like to fix this problem fast use Svchost Fix Wizard – advanced tool for solving generic hos process errors.

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