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This article will be about problems with svchost.exe process in Windows XP operating system. This is the first system where this process started to bring problems to users all over the world. And even today, when two new operating systems released by Microsoft there is still XP users that suffer most from problems with svchost.exe problem. Here I will observe some of the reasons of different issues with svchost and possible solutions that used to be working back in the days and sometimes still work today. As well as some new ways to fix svchost errors. There is an automatic solution that was created by Security Stronghold company and have a lot of good reviews. Tool called Svchost Fix Wizard seems to be solving most of known XP svchost problems.

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Svchost.exe process issues can be divided into 3 groups.

High CPU Usage

Process using lots of memory and up to 100% of CPU which means you can hardly use your PC (at least at the time it is using 100%). Of course, this situation is not normal. Mostly this problem was described in this article:

Svchost.exe 100% CPU usage reducing.

However, here are couple of additional tips:

svchost take 90% cpu

1) Check your system for malware and rootkits. Especially, for rootkits as Tidserv (or TDSS) rootkit is known to be responsible for such problem in some cases. You can use either GMER rootkit scanner or fast Kaspersky TDSSKiller for rootkits and True Sword or Malwarebytes for malware. Perfrom scan and click to remove found objects. Only after making sure spyware is not a reason you can proceed to next step.
2) If you have Service Pack 3 download this file an run it – svchostfix.bat.
If you have Service Pack 2 it is strongly recommended to update to Service Pack 3 or install this update:


Svchost Application Error

svchost application error type 1

svchost application error type 2

Solution for this problem was described in articles:

Generic Host Process Error

This error can come along with svchost application error but sometimes you just get Generic Host process crash. But that two similar problems and have similar roots, because svchost.exe is generic host process. Solution and investigating of this problems were described here:

Generic host process error fix

Problems with svchost in Windows XP SP3 can be solved by Svchost Fix Wizard. Download it here:

DownloadDownload Fix Wizard

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