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Another problem is when Svchost.exe Netsvcs uses great amount of your computer resources. Svchost.exe from Netsvcs service host group and Svchost.exe from LocalSystemNetworkRestricted service host group usually take more CPU and RAM then other instances of svchost.exe. Method of detecting and disabling problematic service is similar to what I described in “Svchost.exe LocalSystemNetworkRestricted” article but here I will explain how to detect what service uses more CPU than others. If you are not sure how to use Process Explorer or how to analyze svchost process use simple utility – Svchost Fix Wizard.

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So as in previous case when I start Process Explorer on my PC and sort processes by names I see list of 14 svchost.exe processes with different PIDs and two of them are using more memory and CPU than other 12.

list of svchost processes

One of them was described in one of the previous articles. Today we take a close on svchost.exe netsvc host group.

svchost.exe netsvc properties image

As you can see I choose exactly that svchost.exe that you might have problem with:

C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs

If I go to the threads tab I can see list of alls services that use this svchost.exe process to start themselves, DLL files that contain the core of this services and most important percentage of process resources it is using.

threads of svchost.exe netsvc process

In my case, there is MMCSS service using 0.05 percent of CPU which is absolutely normal and I don’t care about it. However, if MMCSS will take a huge amount of process resources I can turn the service off as it is not really essential (it is responsible for relative prioritization of work for multi task system intended mainly for multimedia applications). In your case you can have some malicious activity service taking 25% or 30% of CPU and you can kill it as well. But make sure it is really third-party and malicious or you can stop some essential process which can end with a system malfunction or freeze. Read about service taking your CPU as much as you can find in Google and if there is no info or it is proven to be malicious you can kill it without problem.

We highly recommend you to use award-winning tool – Svchost Fix Wizard intended to solve various problems with svchost process.

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spooler subsystem stopped working

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