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If you see “ccSvcHst.exe error”

ccsvchst exe error

or ccSvcHst.exe taking your process resources and memory this is not a reason to panic.

ccsvhst.exe taking memory

This can be fixed. This problem was common some years ago after first Norton 360 was released – in latest versions of Norton antiviruses – it is a rare thing to have this problem. First of all, calm down, this is very likely not a virus or something. It is probably “bug” of older Norton products when it shows you above error. That happens when certain PC configuration makes Symantec application freeze and take the whole CPU and RAM.

You can fix this problem by using program that you can download below.

DownloadDownload Fix Wizard

If you would like to fix this problem manually you should learn the following:

1) Almost all Norton products have the ccsvchst.exe file. It is essential for this file to be installed of these software products since the user interface where the user interacts with the computer is made by this file.
2) This file usually located in The file is located in the C:\Program Files\Common Files directory.
3) Symantec Event Manager and the Norton Internet 2007 Security Suite (or later) actively use this file.

A) Update

Main way to fix this if you want to keep Norton products on your PC is to perform update of the program, databases, modules. You can use instructions here and update your particular product up to latest date:

Norton Updates

or update from inside the program.

B) Disable Auto-Protect on startup

The second method is to fix problem with Auto-Protect loading on startup. Here are short manuals:

Norton AntiVirus 2002/2003/2004

    • 1) Start Norton AntiVirus.
    • 2) Click Options.
    • 3) In the System section, click Auto-Protect.
    • 4) In the Auto-Protect section, uncheck “Enable Auto-Protect (recommended).

disable autoprotect

  • 5) Click OK.

Norton AntiVirus 2011

    • 1) Start Norton AntiVirus.
    • 2) Click More Details in the box at the bottom of the Norton AntiVirus interface.

autoprotect disable

  • 3) Click Yes when you are prompted to disable it.

But if this won’t work the only way is to ask Norton support or remove Norton completely using their removal tools – choose one on this page:

If your PC frozen after this error you can end the process in Windows Task Manager or “Kill” the process using advanced Process explorer tool from Sysinternals.

You can use automatic fix tool Svchost Fix Wizard to detect and redeem this problem without extra efforts.

DownloadDownload Fix Wizard


Sometimes this problem appear in older versions of Norton working with IE 7.0 Phishing filter.

Workaround is to go to:

Tools -> Internet Options -> Go to Advanced tab -> Click the “Reset” button.

ie advanced reset

Restart your PC and check if problem exists.

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